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Making the correct choice about funding equipment is as important as choosing the correct equipment in the first place.  We are able to provide a number of purchase options and finance services, all of which are supported by some of the strongest finance organisations in the world.

We offer a full range of finance plans, providing our clients with the flexibility to match the finance package to suit exactly the needs of their business. Subject to a basic site survey we are able to fulfil your specific requirements.

Hire Purchase

Upon completion of this flexible payment agreement, you have outright ownership of the fork lift truck. This spreads the cost over an agreed period and maximises tax benefits.

Short Term Hire

There can be many reasons why you may consider hiring, as a backup, an upturn in business or perhaps to cope with a demand on resources.



Contract Hire

Our fixed monthly rental rate also includes full maintenance, which

eliminates the possibility of expensive repair bills and service costs.

There are numerous benefits to be had:

  • No deposit required

  • No final payment

  • More flexibility for change

  • Optional purchase plan at end of contract period

  • Improved cash flow

  • Less administration and annoyance

  • No use of capital funds

  • Fixed monthly payment

  • Benefits of ownership without the risk

“CSM Services Ltd would like to be your full time partner for your total fork lift truck requirements and can fulfil all your additional needs from new equipment sales to driver training by utilising our vast industry supplier network”

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