Forklift Truck Service Bolton

Welcome to CSM Services Ltd. We are a Forklift Truck Service in Bolton with over 50 years worth of experience and many clients under our belt. Since we were founded, we have built the reputation of being a high quality, unrivaled business when it comes to this industry. With each client we serve, we aim to keep improving and to keep on top of the industry.

Today, we have many clients within the regions of the Northwest, and in recent years we have really expanded to cover the entirety of the United Kingdom. As a business, we focus on three main areas of the industry. Servicing forklift trucks, selling new forklift trucks and also providing amazing financing and price package deals to suit any customer or client needs. As a free of charge service, we offer to come to the site and explore what needs you may have, then show you what we can offer you to meet those needs, for an amazing and affordable price.

The main thing that keeps us motivated as a business, is the customer satisfaction we have gained. To be able to achieve such numbers as we have, we have had the pleasure of working with amazing manufacturers that we have an absolute pleasure working with. They produce only quality products, with all the backup support that is really appreciated by all of our customers.

We are an independent business, specializing in all the main aspects of handling the materials and equipment. We also boast an extensive hire fleet, from which you are able to use and deliver to your site, and fill any gaps you have with one of our amazing trucks. You can hire them anywhere for any day, for any length of time. We fit your needs, and we cater to everyone that you may have.

After being in this business for so long, we know full well the importance of needing an instant response when it comes to these situations, so we have amazingly dedicated staff on hand to assist you in any way we can. We work tirelessly to make sure that the equipment you buy and/or hire is up and running as quickly as possible, to limit any delays or disruption to your business. Also, on top of this, if our equipment were ever to breakdown at all, we cover all breakdowns within four hours of being reported and only charge by the hour.

Our excellent engineers are fully equipped and ready to serve all new service vehicles, and they have also been trained to an incredibly high standard in order to maintain and fix all makes and models of forklift trucks. CSM Services Ltd is a member of the Fork Lift Truck Association, so our customers can be assured of the highest levels of integrity and professionalism at all times.

So, with all of the above in mind, make sure you consider CSM for all your fork-lift equipment needs and contact us if you have any further questions.