Fork Lift Trucks Lancashire

If there’s one thing we know best at CSM Services Ltd., it’s fork lift trucks. We are the foremost providers of fork lift trucks in Lancashire, with a team that has over 50 years of collective experience in not just supplying drivers with the trucks and parts they need. We’re a lifelong partner in ensuring all vehicles are working to the very best of their potential and helping drivers get to know their machines all the better.

A promise of quality
With our level of experience and expertise, we have become the foremost provider of the trucks you need, wherever you are, whenever you need it, and however long you need it for. We work with some of the top suppliers and manufacturers in the country, including Caterpillar and Kelvin. We’re constantly in supply of parts and machines from our manufacturers but we have an even wider network of partners that can help us easily and quickly deliver whatever we don’t have in stock. Our truck experts can help you find the vehicle you want based on your needs, but if you have something specific in mind, let us know. We can deliver it.

A promise of service
We go further than just delivering a product, however. We want to make sure that it is absolutely the best fit for the task at hand. If you’re uncertain of what you need, we can make a visit to your site, get an idea of the specifications you require, and narrow down your options to only the most relevant. We take good care of all the trucks we deliver, as well. We offer a range of services including additional fixtures, replacement and spare parts, repairs, and a full-servicing. For newer fork lift truck drivers, we even offer training to help them become more confident, safer, reliable drivers.

A promise of dedication
As the foremost fork lift truck suppliers in Lancashire with clients all across the country, we know your needs for an expert service, but also you need for convenience. Beyond visiting your site to help better understand your needs and better deliver the right tool for the job, we are constantly within instant reach for those who can’t afford to wait. We promise next day delivery on the vast majority of our products, as well as a strive to provide assistance for all breakdowns within four hours. Alongside a reputation for top-notch service, we have a reputation for fairness and provide transparent, detailed billing so that no matter what services you make use of, you always know exactly what you’re paying for with us.

If you need fork lift trucks in Lancashire, make sure that CSM Services Ltd. is your first stop. We’ve been delivering to and servicing clients from all across the country, making sure that they are always equipped with the most effective, efficient, and reliable tools for the job. Even after you’ve got your truck, let us ensure that it’s constantly in the best possible condition and ready to tackle whatever you might need it for.