Fork Lift Truck Spares Lancashire

Fork lift trucks are heavy duty machines in its lifetime, you are occasionally going to find yourself needing replacement parts, regardless of how well maintained or cared for your machine is. There are some services you simply need a professional for. And with over half-a-century of collective experience, CMS Services Ltd. can be the professional team you need to make sure that your truck is supplied with all the spares you need and kept in as fine a working condition as you can ask for.

What we provide
We have one of the largest stocks, both in-house and through our network of spare parts providers, in the country. Beyond the supply of high-quality Caterpillar and Kelvin parts we hold directly, we’re supported by a large number of manufacturers and pull parts for any model of truck from our network in suppliers. Whether it’s something we hold in our depot or sourced from one of our partner’s, we can guarantee next day delivery of top-quality parts at an affordable price.

With spare tyres, hydraulics, engine parts, transmission components, batteries, forks, chargers, and much, much more we can help you find the spare or replacements you need to keep your truck up to its full potential.

What we do
We do a lot more than just providing the parts you need, as well. We provide fittings, repairs, and services to ensure that everything is properly installed and working as it should be. If there are any issues with a part, we’re quick to find the solution and either help you get on the road or find a suitable replacement. Our highly-qualified, certified engineers are also just as capable of giving you the Statutory Thorough Examinations you need to keep your vehicle on the road, as well as the driver training your team might need to feel confident, competent and secure with their knowledge of the correct operational methods of all trucks.

Our promise
We are situated in Lancashire, but we are dedicated to providing the best possible parts and services to fork lift truck and pallet truck drivers all across the country with satisfied clients coming to us for our services from as far afield as Scotland.

It’s not just our expertise or our unbeatable standards that make us the partner you deserve when it comes to your truck parts and services. It’s the dedication to not just doing what we’re supposed to provide, but going above and beyond to guarantee customer success. We can deliver the parts or even the replacement truck you need wherever you are, whenever you need. We know you have a busy life to run, so we provide instant responses and engaged points-of-contact with qualified, dedicated team members. We don’t waste your time with waffle, we get you in contact only with those who can start providing the help you need right then and there.

With a focus on customer satisfaction, an expert knowledge on trucks, and the qualified engineers to handle all replacements, part fittings, services and repairs, CMS Services Ltd. is just the partner that any truck driver needs. If you are looking for fork lift truck spares in Lancashire, get in touch with us and let us help you find exactly the parts that work to your needs.