Forklift Truck Service North West

CMS Services LTD has over fifty years of experience within the industry and offers an excellent forklift truck service, North West, operating mainly. As an independent company, it specialises in all aspects of materials handling equipment. If you provide a forklift service, then we’re the company who is going to be able to provide one anywhere, for any length of time, and on any day you might need it.

CMS Services LTD has gained a reputation for high-quality and is able to provide the latest in machinery to help with your distribution needs regardless of how little or great that might be. There are plenty of options available depending on your requirements. We know that an instant response to enquiries is important, so we aim to respond to any queries as quickly as possible in order to get the parts or equipment you need within your possession. As well as the forklifts themselves, we offer parts and also onsite repairs when needed.

Our forklift trucks come in a variety of options, ranging from industrial reach forklift trucks that are renowned for their extended lift height. These can be ideal in situations where you have high rise storage. There are counterbalance forklift trucks available that are most common for indoor warehouses and stores. They offer a straightforward operation with dual forks that lift the loads needed. Whatever you need, we will be able to provide the right trucks for you. There are financing options available to help make it more affordable for business. We realise that not every business may be able to make such costly expenditures at once, so we’re able to give financing where needed.

The parts and servicing is something we pride on offering so that regardless, you can continue your operations without having to experience too many delays in your process. We have an extensive line of Caterpillar and Kelvin parts should these be needed and are probably the most popular makes when it comes to forklift trucks. With our links to major manufacturers, it means we can supply these spare parts at a very competitive price point. There’s also a range of second-hand spares for many types of machines, available too. Our servicing covers a range of options, and should the forklift truck not be repairable, we’re able to send out a replacement free of charge.

There are lots of options and services available, and we pride ourselves on providing the best in forklift trucks that are out there currently. No matter how many you need, we’re able to provide them to you at a reasonable cost. We are all about customer satisfaction, and so whatever you need, we’ll be there to help. Our breakdown repair services aim to get there within four hours, and our engineers are skilled to handle anything that’s thrown their way with professionalism. So why not use our forklift truck services today? Give us a call on 01257 424548, or you can drop us a quick email on